Paintbox alternative

Marcia received this tip from Susan Watson:

“I like an OXO Good Grips ice cube tray to hold my paints because it has a lid and the compartments are rounded at the bottom, which makes for very easy cleaning.

Occasionally, I need to clean out one of the compartments if the color has become too muddy. I put on some rubber gloves and scoop out the muddy color with a paper towel and then add fresh paint . . . very easy.

The lid slides on. It is not air-tight, but I spray the paint before I slide the lid on and then put it in a plastic bag to make sure that the paint will not dry out. Hefty Jumbo 2.5 Gallon plastic zip lock bags are large enough for the tray to slip in easily.

The lid is a nice feature because it keeps the moisture in and keeps the paint from getting inside a plastic bag (the problem with a regular ice cube tray).

The ice cube tray also fits nicely on my Soltek easel with plenty of room for a water container and a palette.”

–Susan Watson