Lightweight alternate acrylic setup

used by Alison Levine

“Here are pictures of my setup using a Masterson Stay-Wet Palette minus the sponge.
Instead of the sponge I line the bottom with a piece of Jack Richeson gray palette paper.
I’ve attached two clear pill organizers using strong adhesive Velcro cut to size. The seal to this box keeps acrylic paints from drying out for many days.

“My easel consists of a palette holder from
Check with Easel Butler to be sure the tripod you purchase will work with their product.

“Then I add a canvas/panel holder, the #17 Flex Easel by Guerrilla Painter, available online. This holds a panel up to 20.5 inches high. The panel holder seems to be made for pastelists or painters who routinely attach paper to a board, so I rigged up cardboard corner inserts to keep my panels from going into the deep V holders, allowing me to paint all the way to the edge.

“This whole setup weighs less than four pounds including palette, and I don’t need a separate table or stool to hold my paints and palette. The mixing area in the Masterson palette is generous, even with water and paint trays on it.

“The four-pound weight doesn’t include backpack, tubes of paint, water, or other supplies.
I hang my backpack containing all extra supplies (and even nearby found rocks) from the easel to anchor the setup on windy days.”

–Alison Levine