Rocks & Water, Minimalism, Spring abridged exhibits

Rocks & Water, Minimalism, Spring abridged.
Three exhibitions through August 9, 2020

Marcia Burtt: Rocks and Water
Rocks shape the flow and splash of the ocean. Thin slashes of paint overlie broad strokes, creating fluid versus solid and capturing the energy of our shoreline in these paintings by Marcia Burtt.

A showing of our gallery artists who guide and engage the viewer through suggestion rather than detail. Find beauty in the line, form, and space in these landscapes.

Spring, abridged
A selected showing of our Spring exhibition. Vibrant flowers, fresh green grasses, and billowing clouds celebrate springtime.

517 Laguna St., Santa Barbara, CA
805 962-5588
Thursday–Sunday, 1-5

Holiday Exhibition

November 15 through January 12, 2020

Celebrate a year of art that emphasizes the collaboration between artist and audience in mutual passion for the beauty of our natural world.

Featuring paintings that preserve the ephemeral, our Holiday exhibition prompts contrasts and comparisons. From distant horizons to showered tree blossoms, from layered paint to minimal washes, and from bold color to subtle hues—these formal explorations reveal and deconstruct what we love about our landscape.

Marcia Burtt Gallery
517 Laguna St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101
805 962-5588
Hours: 1-5 Thursday through Sunday 

The Oak Group: The State of Harmony

John Wullbrandt, “Gaviota Creek Meets the Blue Pacific,” Acrylic on canvas

…a show benefiting Coastal Ranches Conservancy for the Gaviota Creek Restoration Project

Beautiful Gaviota Creek is spring-fed and usually flows year-round. Its important
ecosystem supports the habitat of many sensitive species including Black
Bears, Coastal Newts, Western Pond Turtles and the endangered Southern
Steelhead. The Oak Group is partnering with Coastal Ranches Conservancy to
gather resources to revitalize portions of the creek and floodplain, to create an
unimpeded migration passage for the steelhead and to restore the creek’s estuary
and floodplain.

Paintings availalble online until Dec. 30

Still Waters

September 6 through November 10, 2019

Mirroring the surrounding landscape, these paintings of inland water
give us a feeling of escape and introspection.

Lakes and ponds capture fallen foliage and colors of the sky, while a
change in vantage point reveals a murky world of dark greens and
browns. Smoothly blended brush strokesand washes let us look into the
watery deep.

Retreating and overflowing creeks, rivers, and wetlands feed these
momentary visions in oil or acrylic; short streaks and dabs of paint
form the ripples and speckled colors of their dynamic surfaces.

Thick and thin paint application accentuates textures of grasses and
reeds contrasting with smooth wet surfaces. Tactile pleasure in the
mediums draw us close to the canvas and into these painted idylls.

Marcia Burtt Gallery
517 Laguna St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
805 962-5588
1-5 Thursday through Sunday

Icons of Preservation: Oak Group exhibit

Break in the Weather, acrylic, 18x20 in.

Gallery artists and Oak group members Marcia Burtt and Bill Dewey will be an exhibition benefiting The Land Trust of Santa Barbara County, earmarked for the Gaviota Creek Restoration Project.

June 29th – Aug. 27th

June 29 4p – Opening Reception.

Sullivan Goss – An American Gallery
11 E. Anapamu St.
Santa Barbara, CA  93101

In Color

Evening Light (From Harbor Island #3)

Marcia Burtt Gallery, 517 Laguna St. Santa Barbara, CA 805-962-5588 Th-Su 1-5pm

Color narrates the story of gallery artists’ paintings and photographs in our “In Color” exhibition. Realist and stylized views emphasize landscape extremes.

Natural phenomena expand the realist’s palette. Bright sunshine intensifies color: flowers and new green grass form broad expanses of color on canvas. Sky and land are transformed by sunset pink, orange, and bright yellow. Urban and suburban settings insert the surprising and unnatural into the natural with brightly painted walls and manufactured accents.

Optical effects from complementary colors make trees vibrate and backgrounds shimmer. Monochromatic studies accentuate atmosphere, and rainbow-colored abstractions create new realities.

The Artist’s Garden

ranch retreat

This secluded ranch has a quiet 19th century feel, yet is 20 minutes by car from Highway 101 and the town of Santa Maria, and a half hour’s drive to Pacific Coast beaches. Sowle Ranch is situated in a winding valley traversed by a dirt road passing through the creek bed. The Casita is on one end of the central quadrangle, the ranch house is on the second side, a grape arbor with picnic tables on the third, and large straw-bale art studio on the fourth. The studio has a Yamaha Ariel electronic piano, and the walls are nearly completely soundproof.

There are covered porches on both east and west ends of the studio as well as a bank of north-facing windows inside, set up for painting on gloomy days.

Cottonwood and sycamore trees, fresh air, pure and delicious well water, and ready-to-pick flowers and vegetables surround the buildings. A large swimming pool forms the center of the quadrangle, solar heated May through October. An infrared sauna for your use is available on a nearby covered porch.

The garden and buildings are surrounded by utter privacy, quiet, twelve hundred acres of cattle rangeland, and hills full of wildlife. In wet years, the running creek is a great painting feature.


This historic ranch was originally over 4,000 acres. It was divided into three parts in the 1930s. Sowle Ranch retained the corrals, hay barn, and ranch bungalow built in 1914 from redwood that floated ashore after a shipwreck off Pt. Conception. A tiny 1880s stone schoolhouse once served this rural canyon; it stands next to the cowboy house a hundred yards behind the ranch house compound.

Marcia Burtt featured in Athens Embassy catalog

Marcia Burtt has been a proud participant of the Art in Embassies program that is put on by the US State Department. “Art in Embassies (AIE), a program within the U.S. Department of State, creates vital cross-cultural dialogue and mutual understanding through the visual arts and dynamic artist exchanges.” Her art has been recently been exhibited in Athens, Greece.

The Art of Plein Air Painting

Marcia Burtt is a featured artist in the just published:

The Art of Plein Air Painting: An Essential Guide to Materials, Concepts, and Techniques for Painting Outdoors
by M. Stephen Doherty

You can find it on Amazon here:



Lightweight alternate acrylic setup

used by Alison Levine

“Here are pictures of my setup using a Masterson Stay-Wet Palette minus the sponge.
Instead of the sponge I line the bottom with a piece of Jack Richeson gray palette paper.
I’ve attached two clear pill organizers using strong adhesive Velcro cut to size. The seal to this box keeps acrylic paints from drying out for many days. Continue reading

Sarasota workshop

Lovely beaches, beautiful paintings and big brushes in Florida!

Recommended Supply list


Workshop Supply List

You may bring any medium you like and any easel you are comfortable with.
If you want to learn to use the acrylic medium, bring:
paint box
minimum 3-color acrylic paint palette plus white
homemade palette for mixing
cotton rags
spray bottle
stool or other support for your open paint box
at least once good large brush made for acrylic
canvases, panels, or boards gessoed with white primer, size recommendations
Professional grade acrylics compared -link to Lindsey Bourret’s
Choosing the Acrylic Paint that’s Best for You

Plano 2-tray tackle box

Plano 2-tray tackle box

Continue reading

Limited Palettes

You can get along with any of the three limited palettes below, or you can get all of the colors I like to use. You’ll have to work harder using fewer colors, but either the limited OR full palettes below should allow you to mix nearly any color you see. Continue reading